full time metal fabricator/artist


Being an Atlantic City, New Jersey native~~

I have lived in Portland for over 6 years now after moving from Bend, Oregon in 2011 to start my career as a metal smith. 

I attended Clackamas Community College for Mig, Tig & Arc welding, fabrication, blueprint reading & CNC robotics with some great teachers and now have a welding technology degree that’s helped propel me to where I’m now. 

After school, I discovered a position apprenticing under an incredible metal artists at an artist collective alongside musicians, brewers, glass blowers, bicycle fabricators & permaculture specialists located inner SE Portland called Manifestation PDX.

Previous to me being a fabricator, I enjoyed being a freelance graphic designer for almost 10 years and freelanced for companies such as T-Mobile, Starbucks & Microsoft along with dozens of smaller businesses. During this time I also enjoyed learning photography to a studio lighting level and have retained my passion to take pictures.

Fresh out of high school, I attended culinary school long enough to immerse myself in the field and spent about 3 years in kitchens until I determined this wasn’t a viable career. 90 hour work weeks became common. My passion to cook was quickly overcome by hours with little time to spend my hard earned money. 

This is when I decided to join the Navy and discovered I had an aptitude towards technology after scoring highly on my pre-screening Navy evaluation test. After discussing my options to see what kind of sailor I wanted to be, I thought being a Sonar Technician on board a fast attack submarine sounded like an amazing adventure. And it was.


These immersions into the arts followed up with the discipline of joining an elite group of submariners for five years is proving to be an amazing partnership of vision and dedication.

I’m excited for every coming year of learning my trade. I am already heavily invested on my success and am excited to watch it all unfold over the coming years.

2015-04-01 14.47.31

I’m very easy to get along with, wear smiles easily and often, put everything in writing and do not rush projects, I’ve but my reputation as a high quality fabricator and will only improve those standards in the years to come. I also enjoy my time away from work and volunteer for a number of organizations in the Portland area and enjoy making time for good a good cause. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this, I’d love to hear from you or talk about any ideas you have.

I’m accepting commissions for both structural and artistic welding.

All the best~
a.k.a. DuckRoll