full time metal fabricator/artist

Small production run of engineered brackets for a balcony. 

I had to make ten of these brackets based off blueprints. Any time I make more than 6 of anything, I make a fixture for it. A fixture helps me keep the components of the thing I’m making in alignment, whatever that may be.

In this case I need to keep threaded rod square to a 1/2″ thick plate I’m going to plug weld. The holes are in perfect alignment. The reason the top plate is cut back is to allow removal from the fixture once it’s welded out. 

Here’s one of the plates welded, you’ll see the plates not welded in the background. 

Even more of the plates welded out. 

Then finally the finished product. 

This project took me one full day to complete. And is going to make someone’s balcony very safe~

Thanks for reading. 

More to come. 


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