full time metal fabricator/artist

Angle grinder rack

Angle grinders are loud, obnoxious, and dangerous, hands down one of the least favorite hand tools I’m required to work with on a regular basis.
Since they are rather big and have power cords attached to them, they often get themselves tangled with other tools and tangled in ways that boggle the mind.
I had some sheet metal I bent for another project that didn’t work out as planned and realized with minimal tweaking, it would make a perfect angle grinder rack. 


I lined up some grinders with various attachments and created an average that would allow all the attachments to fit, then I used an angle grinder (see, so useful) to cut out the slots where the tool will hang.


Because this started out as nothing but sheet metal, I knew the bottom half would bend under the pressure so I welded in some 1/8″ steel rods in between the slots on the bottom of the rack.


I drilled some holes in the front of the rack to make instillation easier then spray painted the whole thing with black then a gold stencil dot pattern from some mesh steel.


Works like a charm.


Thanks for reading.
More to come.


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