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Fab tip: Using sheet sandpaper on a hook loop DA sander

Polishing some surfaces require a DA (dual action) sander. If you have a hook loop setup (or others I’m sure) and don’t have the grit you need, you can use  low tac spray adhesive to glue flat sheets onto a spent hook loop disc and finish your project. 

Depending on your needs, you can trim the paper to match the disc, so far I prefer to keep it square and let the excess taper help bevel the edges. 

A couple more pics, but this really is a self explanatory process for anyone that owns one these sanders. I hope it’s useful to others. 

 Just a thin coat of adhesive is required, make sure to keep the spent disc away from the sander while spraying, air tools don’t like adhesives.   
  Ready to go in less than a minute.  
The sheets are easy to remove so one spent disc is all you need for repeated use. 

And this is the finished project that inspired this hack. A damaged 3D printing bed that needed to be flattened out for a client of mine, 1200 grit smooth and ready for printing 

Thank for reading. 

More to come. 



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