full time metal fabricator/artist

Shaping eyes out of sheet metal with hammers and a shot bag

I’ve been commissioned to make a sculpture that requires a set of eyes, I knocked out a couple of prototypes (pun intended) then decided on rustier one of the two.


I started out with a flat piece of 24ga mild steel sheet metal that has a beautiful rust patina from years of being outside.

I then drew out where I wanted the lines to be with pencil and started shaping the steel with a facing hammer and ball pein hammer.

Bang bang bang, flip the steel, bang some more.

Bang bang flip flop look flip look bang bang bang.
You start to see the shape forming finally, time to sketch out the lines again since they’ve been beaten to oblivion.

At this point the hammer blows are getting consistently lighter and lighter, the shape is now there, the light blows are about smoothing out the work.

And here’s a sneak peek at the project, it’s tough to fill in the blanks visually, but I see it completed already. I’ve got about 5 days of work left then I’m going to store it outside for the winter to rust, plenty of more pics on the way before that.

Thanks for reading.

More to come.


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