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Annealing sheet metal with a fire pit

I’m making a fire pit for a friend, part of that process is heating up the barrel to burn off the outer coatings, you do this by getting a blistering hot fire going, what a perfect opportunity to anneal some steel.

The video really sums up the entire project, I made a very hot fire and had a coal bed that was about 12″ deep, I put the sheet metal that I’m making for a sculpture into the fire pit then covered it with the lid. The sheet metal sat in a 1200º fahrenheit oven that slowly cooled down over a period of about 6 hours. *skip to 1:20 if you want to see the annealing process.

The following image is what I ended up with, I’m really pleased at how pliable the metal is, all the mallet blows made this steel work hardened and very brittle, not anymore!

Annealed sheet metal


The coloring is from an acid etch I’m using to add texture to this metal, I’ll repeat this process at least another three or four more times before I’m close to done with this sheet metal.

Lastly, here’s a sneak peek at the sculpture these are being made for as well, a thirteen foot tall anatomically correct chicken head.

chix head sneek peek

Thanks for reading.

More to come.


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