full time metal fabricator/artist

Replacing the handle on a ball pein hammer

I had a ball pein hammer given to me, the handle was worse for wear but the hammer head was still in really good shape.


First order of business was to saw off the handle then drill into the part of the handle that was still attached to the hammer head then use a punch to push the rest of the wood out.


Then I sanded, and sanded, and sanded the handle till it fit the hammer head just right, it’s important to not use power tools and hand sand this part, power tools will take off too much material.


After the handle was sanded down, I took the hammer head and media blasted with some aluminum silicate.


I then wedged the hammer head onto the handle by dropping the hammers butt end on an anvil about two dozen times.


Then a quick coat of spray paint for a nice accent.


Then I inserted the hardwood shim and the steel wedge in the top of the hammer the cut off the excess wood and sanded down the top.


I finished off the project by wood burning my initials in the hammer then treating the hickory handle with boiled linelseed oil.




Thanks for reading.
More to come.

Imgur gallery.


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