full time metal fabricator/artist

Making corkscrews with a forge

I fired up the forge and made a pair of blacksmith tongs based out of need.



Then I grabbed some 3/16″ pencil steel (a little bit too thick, I’ll probably go down to 1/8″ or even 1/16″ for the finished product), drew tapers on the end of the rods then got them to a dull glowing red, I then used vise grips to attach the rod to a 3/8″ rod I had clamped in a vise, after it was attached, I wrapped the rod around the other rod (I know, I know, Rodfest 2015) and came up with this.


I then flattened out the coil with some light taps to make a more consistant coil.


I then heated the metal back up one last time and stretched the coil out to a corkscrew.



After a couple mistakes and learning some good ways to make corkscrews, I have a better understanding of what I’ll be doing to refine this process and be using stainless steel rod for my next time with making these along with some hardwood handles.



Thanks for reading.
More to come.


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