full time metal fabricator/artist

Hand forged breaker bar from 1.75″ tool steel (part one)

I had a stressful day and felt the need to beat on steel, since I like for the things I  do to have purpose, I decided to forge a breaker bar.


This bar is the real deal, I still need to weigh it, without a doubt the title, “heavy duty” will suffice until the weigh in.

I took a video during the last fire of the day to show how hot steel gets in a forge and show the millscale removal process.


On the right side of the next image, you’ll see a .5″ round stock that I squared up then drew to a taper while I was waiting for the forge to warm up enough to feed the octa stock and really beat on some steel.


This next picture shows the backstop I’m using to hold the heat in my forge, this 4″ square tube will eventually be millscaled from the heat, at that point, I’m going to make a “Thor Hammer” out of it by welding end caps on then adding more millscale and setting a nice hard wood handle with leather straps, hey, if you’re gonna use a forge, you may ad well take advantage of all the heat.

Thanks for reading.
More to come.


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