full time metal fabricator/artist

Shaping sheet metal to make part of a sculpture

I’m going to be writing quite a bit more about this in the near future, this was me fooling around with making some dinosaur (a.k.a. chicken) eyes for a sculpture I’m completing.

I took a piece of sheet metal with a really nice looking rust patina on it,


and got to work, I used a leather sand bag with some different hammers and punched out a shape of the eye, then I sent the sheet through the air hammer (LOUD, but so much fun) to smooth out the rough dents I made with the hammers then sent it through the English wheel.


After repeating this process three times, the sheet metal was so hardened I could tell it would start to stress fracture soon if I kept working it, I felt accomplished and didn’t feel like annealing the project so I left is as is and took this last picture.


Pretty cool huh!?!
The next step to continue work will be to heat this entire piece of metal until it’s glowing dull red, then bury the sheet in sand and let it slow as cool as possible so it becomes softer and can be work hardened again, and again, until it’s just right.

Thanks for reading.
More to come.


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