full time metal fabricator/artist

Improved the performance of my welding leathers

I either wear a hoody or arm leathers when I’m welding, the leathers I use now are the first set I purchased and doubt I’ll ever need to replace them, BSX welding gear makes some exceptional welding products,
There was a slight flaw though, the bib attaches by a series of buttons and they will snap loose when your reaching for something almost out of reach, this can be frustrating when you’re wearing welding gloves and don’t want to stop a weld to fix your leathers.

So I took a punch and some leather strap and laced the bib to the arm leathers so they wouldn’t break free.


A simple, cross stitch style, I wet the ends of the leather and tied them into a knot, wetting the leather will help the pores open up and close again interlaced with the binding leather.


Here’s what the leathers look like now, after this fix, they look cooler and I no longer have the button pop blues~


Thanks for reading.
More to come.


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