full time metal fabricator/artist

10″ bench vise made from plate steel

My buddy was watching this YouTube video from a long time fabricator that’s uploaded many useful videos for welders and fabricators, ChuckE2009.
The only materials we didn’t have on hand was the 36″ piece of 1″ all thread and a couple 1″ nuts, my buddy had some extra .25″ stainless steel and I had the remaining tool steel to help finish the foundation. All the steel you see on the table made this vise.


The first thing we did was take ALLOT of measurements to determine the drive shafts height and welded the core together.


Then we fit up the side walls then welded them into place, note that the 2″ x 4″ square tube has the bottom part cut out of it and the drive shaft is inside the 2″ x 4″ you can also see this in the parts picture above.


Then the vertical assembly for the jaws were welded on then we used some 10″ lengths of 1.75″ octagon tool steel.


We were too busy cutting and welding as a team to take time for more pictures at this point, I was pushing 70 amps out of my Millermatic 210 for hours, when I wasn’t welding, I was continuing to refine my plasma and oxy acetelyne torch cutting, a skill you can lose if you don’t remain proficient, we completed this vise in one night!


It take a whopping 75 rotations to open this vise up to its full 10″ throat, we decided to sacrifice a 3/4″ drive socket and welded it to the drive shaft bolts, going to buy a 3/4″ driver drill bit so this vise will open quickly and be able to be torqued equally fast.

Here’s the vise with a 6″ bench vise to provide a sense of scale, I love the face the 6″ vise is making, quite apropos for the comparison.


The next step is to spend some time grinding down the welds and clean up the spatter, after that, we’ll be tapping to Octa rod with some set screws that will allow some heavy right angle stock to be able to use the vise with a square face.


I’ll update this with part II after the next round where we add the square face and continue to grease the bench vise.

Thanks for reading.
More to come.


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