full time metal fabricator/artist

Tent stake prototyp’n

Last year I made the previous version of these tent stakes as a project that was handed over to me from a former mentor, ever since then I’ve been thinking how to improve them.
After allot of thought and a couple scribbles.


I’ve finally come up with something I’m really excited about and know this is a solid design.

I started out by cutting about a dozen small posts made out of 3/4″ tool steel and fit them up on a base plate, carefully considering the angle of each of the post, the smallest post is 3/4″ tall and the tallest is 3″ from the baseplate.


After getting everything fit up, I welded all the posts into place then started heating up some #4 rebar with a rosebud torch on an oxy acetelyne rig, this will require breaking out the forge to really get this rebar to a good bending temp next time I make these.
Here’s a shot of my first try (on top of jig) with the second try in the background.


After the bending is complete, I add a piece of angle iron to the top center of the stake so there’s a place to strike your mallet.


Here’s what the stake looks like out of the ground.


A shot of the stake in the ground.


Notice there are no places to cut your foot like the previous version and the hook bar on the outside also doubles as handles that help you easily pull these stakes out of the ground by adding a little twist to the removal process.

I talk all about this process and the stakes in this video.

I’ll be making a slew of these getting ready for the dusty campers that need to keep their gear on the ground.

Thanks for reading.
More to come.


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