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Chicken butt installation

Today was a great day, I got to hang out with friends and install this thirteen foot tall sculpture I made over a year ago. I wrote a bit about this back in 2013.


This is a commissioned sculpture that has been waiting for this moment for over a year. Made of sheet metal cut out with a plasma cutter, here’s a pic of me cutting out some feathers:


Hundreds and hundreds of feathers were cut out for this project. The framework is comprised of 3/4″ steel tube that was hand bent to match the anatomical shape of a chicken. After Google undoubtedly thought I may have been a bit too much into chicken butts, I finally completed this and coated the entire sculpture with Penetrol (a metal shellac that will stop it from ever rusting again) using an air sprayer.

Fast forward to the present, time to install this thing!!
First I made a template of the base with a large piece of cardboard then transferred the template to the cedar shingle wall and removed the outline of the chicken but with an oscillating saw.


I used 3/8″ steel plate as a, ” baseplare” and hand cut out the steel with an oxy-acetylene torch to match up the sculpture. Even welding steel this thick to thin wall pipe takes skill and patience or you’ll blow holes in the lightweight pipe.



I set the heat on the welder to be able to weld the 3/8″ plate steel, pulled the trigger and let a good weld puddle form then I pushed the puddle over to the thin wall pipe and the puddle instantly welded itself to the pipe, looking good.
After the top and bottom baseplate was installed, I used 3/4″ all thread and welded the all thread to the baseplate, keeping everything completely square since the holes in the wall were already drilled, at this point, not much room for error.


I also used two 800lb chains as an additional support to hold this up in case of something like seismic activity.

After some nudging and shoving, it’s installed!!!
Here’s some more pictures:




Next step is to have the electrician come in and wire up the back deck with some spotlights so this will shine in the night!!
Less than a month away before this restaurant opens, excited.

Thanks for reading.
More to come.



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  1. Awesome!!! Great work!

    July 4, 2015 at 2:12 pm

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