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Made a hook for my oxy-acetylene hoses

The new shop keeps improving every day. Finally yesterday was the first time I needed to use my oxy acetelyne torch to bend some steel using heat.

After uncoiling the 50′ hose, I knew I didn’t want to hassle with that drama again so I decided to make a hook for the hose.

I grabbed a 1/8″ flat bar piece and cut it down to about 6″, after that I drilled two holes in the plate steel using a drill and self tapping screw, this option works very well if you just want some quick holes and you don’t want to change out bits on your drill press.


After cleaning up all the edges, I lopped off 12″ of 3/4″ bar stock and applied heat to the bar stock with a rosebud attachment on my oxy acetylene torch and bent the rod to an acceptable hook angle.
After everything cooled down, I welded the bar stock to the plate I drilled out.
At this point I saw room for another hook under the primary hook and lopped off a half circle section of a car spring I had laying around, so I welded that up as well.

After a biy of post weld wire brushing, here’s what the final hook looks like installed.




Now the oxy hoses have a home and there’s a small hook below that can hold the soapy water comnainer or bottle caps.

Thanks for reading.
More to come.


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