full time metal fabricator/artist

Custom header brackets

We’re making a larger movie room at my shop here at Watershed PDX to accommodate friends on movie night.
We needed to knock down some load bearing walls; meaning we need to put header supports where the wall used to hold up the ceiling.

We had all the hardware and wood. Time to make two costom brackets to connect five pieces of heavy lumber together.

I cut all my pieces out after measuring everything then started drilling all the holes required to attach hardware to the lumber. I used a stepper bit on a drill press to drill a 7/16″ hole in all the steel, all in all, 60 holes drilled!


I didn’t have allot of time to take pictures of the fabricating.
Here’s two shots showing the first bracket being made.



After a pile of cutting and welding, I came up with these two brackets. *pictures rotate clockwise around the column




Here’s the second bracket.



The headers are installed looking good and solid! A few more days of light construction with drywall and paint to finish things off.
I’ll update this post when it’s complete.

Thanks for reading.
More to come.


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