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Car spring converted into an industrial rack

I wanted to make another industrial rack for my gear as the relentless chase for more space continues.

I had one more car spring that would be a great fit for this. In the bottom of this shot, you’ll see a finished piece as a comparison.


Since I made a simpler version of this yesterday, not much experimenting here, time for fun with angles by making it asthetically pleasing and keeping it functional.

I started out by cutting the spring into half circles and cleaning/grinding.

*Notice the sparks, they are flying straight, this means this is low carbon steel and hence more flexible than carbon steel, which is stronger but more brittle.
Here’s an illustration of what high carbon steel sparks look like. This can be useful when working with unknown materials to see if a part is adequate for its intended purpose.

After everything was prepped, I welded two of the pieces together to make an “S”, then welded the top coil of the spring to the “S” to make to rack standoff and center ring.


I then added the additional hooks.


Then the baseplate.

*I’m still toying with ideas for using the spring as a baseplate, finding it difficult to drill holes in round stock that’s bent.

Now I have a RUGGED five hook rack that I can hang anything on. It flexes as well because it’s a car spring.
It’s neat too because you see it flex and your brain will tell you it might not be strong enough, this rack can easily hang over one hundred pounds off it. Likely much more but I have no need to test this.
A few more shots of the finished product. I like leaving this in its “industrial” state because it’s in my metal shop. Everything is completely smooth to the touch and I expect years of reliable service out of this rack.





Thanks for reading.
More to come.


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