full time metal fabricator/artist

Bike hook coat rack

I needed a bike rack and coat hook at my shop, so I made one out of a repurposed VW spring that was laying around.
I used a right angle disc cutter to lop off four half circles.


I used a bench wire wheel to knock off the crud, then a bench grinder to round off the sides that are going to be the exposed hooks, then I used a flap disc to smooth them down even more, after that I took the ends to the bench wire wheel to polish them up.
Here’s a picture of the ends in sequential order based off of the stage they are in.


After I had all the grinding complete, I fit everything up by hand and ended up with this little gem.



I used a piece of scrap to make the baseplate, now that I see it, I’m going to fool around with using a full coil as a baseplate for my next version.

This thing is strong too!!!
It can hold up my 24lb bike and at least 10lb backpack without a flinch. I’d have no problems hanging from this thing.




Excited to make more of these for the rest of the shop so well have places to hang leathers and the likes.

Thanks for reading.
More to come.


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