full time metal fabricator/artist

Gate wheel fabrication

Everyone in my space at Watershed PDX chipped in a few dollars to purchase a gate for our loading bay door.


The gate swings almost 20′ and does a great job so far. After a few months of use during the summer, the gate will surely need adjustment due to the light weight galvanized steel that was chosen.
So we’ve decided to install a wheel on one of the partitions to help keep everything in alignment and take stress off the hinges.

I grabbed a surplus caster wheel with a baseplate still attached and scored some lines about half way through the baseplate so it could be bent easily and fit up to our gate.




After the lines were scored, I put the wheel base plate in a vice, grabbed a large crescent wrench and folded the sides of the baseplate up so the baseplate makes a “U” bracket.


The bend isnt perfect by any means. Its OK though. Fitup will be a bit loose anyway and I’ll fill in the gaps while I’m welding.

Here’s a pic of the wheel after install at the base of the gate.


Today were going to build the locking assembly to keep our space safe AND ventilated.

Then the fun part. Make art to hang in the front of the gate!!

Thanks for reading.
More to come.


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