full time metal fabricator/artist

ADA handrail adjustment

The handrail I’m making for the back deck of a restaurant measures out correctly to 34″ tall at all points just doesn’t feel right.
Here’s what the handrail looked like this morning:


The problem with the handrail is when you take your first step off the deck, you have to reach too far down to hold onto the handrail.

To compensate for this, I built a 12″ landing at the top of the handrail and wrapped the landing around to match the rest of the handrails in front of the restaurant. 45° cuts notched out to meet up with the existing rail.


Welded everything together and the fitup feels great now.



I’ll make the second one of these after I get another notching drill bit. Cheap notch drill bits wear down quickly and I’m already seeing buying a higher end set along with a better notcher when the need arises a solid decision. This project is too close to being done for that investment.

I’ve also already made the lateral supports for these as well which I’ll weld in with the baseplate this week.


Thanks for reading.
More to come.


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