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What I learned about miter cuts

You can’t really see it but there’s lines under the metal that this pipe is matched up to perfectly.

Here’s a picture of the final fitup on one of the eight ADA handrails I’m making. 
Fitup could be even a bit tighter, welding this will be easy so I’m calling it good.


I was making a miter cut to match the custom angle and didn’t have access to the tools in my shop to measure that exact angle since I was on the job site. *mental note.

I was making slight incrimental adjustments on the chopsaw to get the pipes to match up.
I consider myself to have a good eye for angles but found myself making almost a dozen cuts before I had this cut dialed in. This can be frustrating when you feel you have a strong grasp of things.

During the final cut (of course), I realized since I was trying to connect TWO pipes with ONE angled cut. So I would have to DOUBLE the degree incriment adjustment in order to bring the pipes together for a proper fitup.

So I saw a 3° adjustment but really needed to make a 6° adjustment

Things will be much quicker next time I need to make cuts like this.

Allot of big reveals in the coming weeks!
Like some more of these handrails I did last week. All ADA compliant. These are standing by waiting for me to finish the rest of the handrails in order for all the railings to be painted at the same time.



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