full time metal fabricator/artist

Chop saw roller stand replacement

In our shop we have a chopsaw that used to be part of a rickety tabletop setup.
No more, we decided to scrap the table and use the chopsaw on our fabricating tables when it was needed instead of a dedicated table.

Using a roller stand is an option but usually requires adjusrment since they are so often used for different purposes.

That’s why I made this stand that sits flush with cutting height of our chopsaw. Here’s a shot of the stand clamped and fitup, ready for welding.


45° upward bar stock keeps the metal from falling off and the feet are placed on opposing sides to allow material to be slid over it without tipping over.




At some point I’ll be investing in some rare earth magnets and bond them to things like this so they can be stored under out steel table tops!

Thanks.for reading.


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