full time metal fabricator/artist

Mobile dumbbell rack fabrication

I just got back from the camping in the desert for a few weeks helping friends install art projects; before that I was camping in the Northern California hills for over a month. It’s been way too long since I’ve done any of my own metal work projects. Time to change that.

Thanks to David over at Fulcrum Fitness in North Portland, I’ll be starting a new project next week making a custom mobile dumbbell weight rack to allow him to move all his weights to any location in the gym.

It’s an extremely simple design.  The challenge wasn’t designing the rack system, the challenge is in the precision measurements and finishing this project is going to require in order to help function meet form.

The rack system is going to fit Fulcrum’s weights perfectly. The handles will be blacksmithed by hand as well.

The image below is a low resolution image since the original blueprints are a 1:1 scale and too big to fit on the screen.

Click on this link if you’d like to see the full resolution PDF of the blueprints I created.

I’ll be done with this project within three weeks and share media of the finished project.




Thanks for reading~




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