full time metal fabricator/artist

Shielding gas bottle labels made out of a giant bandsaw blade

Here’s another project I made for Manifestation PDX, one of the shops I volunteer in.

I learned this trick when I was in college for welding. So I decided to make some fun signs for the bottles at the shop to help avoid confusion as to which bottles still had gas in them.
*These bottles are ridiculously heavy and tough to tell by picking it up alone. Even if you are strong enough to pick them up…


I took a piece of gigantic bandsaw blade and cut it down to size, smoothed down all the metal so they can be handled with bare hands. Drew out the stencils, cut them out, spraypainted the, “FULL” side with thick, bright green letters and the, “EMPTY” side with scrawny red letters. Then I welded the chains onto the saw blade. After the steel cooled, I used the stencils to tag the blades then multiple coats of clear coat paint since these will get banged around for a looonnnggg time.

Here’s a video of the signs in full action, LOL.


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