full time metal fabricator/artist

Black Rock )tent( Stakes is open for business!!

Well actually Black Rock Stakes is open year round. Fewer stakes get grilled during the winter months though.

Tent stakes that will take the abuse you dish out & have the attachment points to make securing your structure easy.

Each stake is finished so there are no rough edges, then a base coat of paint on the top half of the stake, followed by a stencil design to make each set of stakes unique.

Here’s some examples:


IMG_0523 IMG_0520

And here’s a quick video of some stakes coming hot off the grill ; )

Black Rock Stakes has three items on the menu this year:
****2014 post, new pricing for upgraded stakes available on request****

Rare ~ 12″ ~ Three dollars per stake
Medium ~ 18″ ~ Five dollars per stake
Well Done ~ 24″ ~ Seven dollars per stake

Give me a call and I’ll grill up as many as you need. Custom options available i.e. UV reactive paint, Glow inthe dark paint, color scheme that matches your camps theme.


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