full time metal fabricator/artist

Palm Frond Fan blade fabrication

Commissioned project by my belle, Jasmine Rain to make a matching set of fan staves that would be used as a stage prop needed to be made.

Here’s a closeup of one of the finished staves:

palm frond staves-2

Here’s what the fans look like before they are assembled or palm fronds are added:

palm frond staves-9

Here’s a snapshot of assembling the palm fronds to the staves:

palm frond staves-2-2

Take a look at the staves after they’ve been assembled and stage ready. The fan on top is the front view and the fan on bottom is the back view to give an idea how they work.

palm frond staves-7


With some very slight adjustment, these will be reliable stage props to make a fan out of anything any performer sees in their minds eye for years.  I’m definitely going to be making more of these at some point. I can already tell.

Here’s the beautiful & talented Jasmine Rain assembling the fans before her performance along with some other pictures of the project.

palm frond staves-5

palm frond staves-4

palm frond staves-6


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