full time metal fabricator/artist

Removing rust from steel with a paintbrush & eco friendly solvent

Here’s the solvent. It’s called Krud Kutter. It’s completely biodegradable and non toxic. If you don’t use gloves, it will dry your skin out pretty quickly though.



Here’s a picture of some steel I left out that needs to be completely rust free then treated with a shellac. I can’t use any abrasives or grinders because it will scratch the surface of the metal and destroy “cold rolled steel” finish these brackets need to have.


Here’s the same piece of metal after about 5 minutes of rubbing a paint brush covered in Krud Kutter:


Pretty cool, right??? Well if you’re still reading this. Here’s the bonus. You can use Krud Kutter on almost anything. It’s safe and cleans marks off walls, stoves, all kinds of things. This has been a remodelers and real estate agents secret for years now it’s mine too.

Here’s a video where you can actually watch the rust being brushed away from the steel bars.

Thanks for reading!

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