full time metal fabricator/artist

Making flat sheet metal curve for a sculpture

This is my second (and final) attempt at fabricating the face for this chicken head before starting the rusting treatment then mounting this thing to the roof! The rusting treatment takes a few weeks so after this step is complete. There won’t be much more about this until it’s finally installed.

This is what my first attempt looked like after i dismantled it and flattened it back out.



While from certain angles, the face looked great, the client wanted to see something different. After talking to my good friend Gustav Sculptor about the project over frozen yogurt, we got to work on making up some mockups out of cardboard and came up with this:

Photo on 2014-04-17 at 20.21

WIth those cuts folded over in order, the flat piece then looks like this:

Photo on 2014-04-17 at 20.23

So after the mock up was completed, it was time to make the real deal. Using a 4′ x 8′ piece of sheet metal, I cut it in half (to make both sides of the face) then drew out all the lines for the cuts and cut them all out with a jigsaw:


Doesn’t look that special yet. Just a piece of metal with some cuts in it. But wait till you pull all the ends of the metal together to the same point:


Presto! A piece of steel that now looks like a curved dome. No back supports braces hiding behind this. It’s all being held together by the single clamp at the top of the dome.


After I welded it together so it would hold the dome shape without being clamped. The face was way too big. So I started the process of slowly whittling away the metal until it takes shape with the rest of the head:


Here’s another shot after it’s been trimmed down considerably:



To give a better idea of what you’re looking at, I took a quick video of the project at this phase:

I’ll be doing the other side of the face tomorrow and provide updates.

Three more days of fabrication on this~~~ deja vu.

Thanks for reading!



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