full time metal fabricator/artist

Sharpening the first chisel I forged

I forged this chisel when I was in school for Blacksmithing. At the time I was way ahead in class & didn’t get around to putting the edge on it since I was already distracted with other toys (aka tools) when the time came around to sharpen. Well now is the perfect time.

I used a friends cold chisel to get a reference for how sharp the angle should be. Different chisels have different angles for, well. (SURPRISE!) different, reasons, As you see in the picture below, the angle on a cold steel chisel is pretty blunt looking compared to wood chisels.

sharp chisel-2


After about 3 minutes on the bench grinder I’ve got a brand new hand forged cold steel hardened chisel that’s just become a newest member to my toolbox.

sharp chisel


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