full time metal fabricator/artist

Ladder fabrication

I was asked to make a ladder out of heavy duty rebar & some really nice steel bar stock.

After hearing my clients needs and making a quick prototype. I started cutting rebar & bending the steps. Here’s what that process looked like. Since I haven’t found a film crew to follow me around yet. You’ll have to deal with first person video 😛

After I got all cuts/bends for all the steps.  I fit everything up to make sure everything lined up like it should. It did, perfecto!

ladder fitup

I spent about ten minutes tacking up the steps & making sure they were square to the frame before welding. I then bolted down the ladder to the wood floor so the steel wouldn’t bow under the intense heat of the welder. I’m easily getting metal this thick to 10,000°F.

Forty five minutes later. Behold, a ladder.


At 8½ feet tall & weighing over 75 pounds. This ladder will easily hold 750 pounds per step. All within 1/16″ square from top to bottom.

Here’s a sneak peak at the finished project after it’s received its waterproof seal.

ladder post coat


All of this work will be available for viewing in three short months!


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