full time metal fabricator/artist

Another fabrication timelapse

A Chicken Comb is that weird wavy lizard flesh on the top of a chicken head. 

I drew this comb out freehand from an illustration my client provided onto two sheets if sheet-metal. After cutting them out I hand rolled/bent the edges to turn the two dimensional sheet metal into an anatomically correct chicken comb.

Here’s the time lapse. Two hours of work condensed into eight seconds.

A few images of the comb. 




I’m going to heat treat parts of the metal with an oxy-torch to bring more depth into it, then I’m going to spray it with bleach (accelerates the rusting process) and let it sit outside for a week to rust.
After that, a clear coat or three to stop it from rusting; then weld it to the top of the chicken this is getting attached to. Presto! Chicken head.


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