full time metal fabricator/artist

Magnetic stopping block for metal chopsaws

Large magnets are commonly used in metal shops to get gard to reach things and “sweep up” metal dust. 

Another use for said magnet is to use it as a stopping block for production run lengths of metal. I needed to turn some longer lengths of 1/4″ round stock to 75 pieces that measured 5″ long. This magnet in the picture below made this easy. I didn’t even need to pick up one piece off of the ground. 

The really clever part about this is that the magnet is so strong, it still holds onto the metal even though inertia wants to fling it away from the blade. This action actually helps make multiple cuts without having to clear the magnet due to the pieces of metal sliding out of the way of the new piece being slid into place. 

chop saw magnet stop


Here’s a shot of the end of that production run. I had to hand polish each on of those ends to make sure they would work for their application.

steel pegs

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