full time metal fabricator/artist

‘NeoNite’ base stand prototype fabrication

A client needs a dozen base stands for some life sized metal figurines that he’s also having me fabricate. They need to have access for an electrical panel on the baseplate and the base plate needs to be able to be broken down for easy transportation.

FINALLY! I have a legitimate reason to use this magtools fit-up magnet. I bought this in welding school over a year ago thinking I’d use it every day. While every day isn’t the case, it was perfect for this application.

neonite base stand-4


After I double checked all the measurements, walked away, came back and measured again. I weld this pipe into it’s final resting place. Perfectly centered and plumb level to the plate.  The small plate in the background are my test welds to get the welder dialed in and make sure I had a good approach to this weld. Welding small pipe like this has it’s own sets of challenges. You have to be fast, consistent & dexterous.

neonite base stand


Here’s a closeup of the final product.

neonite base stand-3


And here’s the final base stand assembled. It uses all slip fittings to stay together. No muss, no fuss base stands built proper.

neonite base stand-5


And here’s a sneak peak of one of the figurines that will be sitting on these base stands. I’ll post about that when I have more time to update things. Thanks for checking me out! I appreciate the read.



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