full time metal fabricator/artist

Damn that was close

Quick reminder for anyone that works with high speed tools to always take the time to be safe.

I was cutting a piece of small rebar today that was in my way after about 8 hours of work. I thought it would be an easy cut, it was. That’s when I got complacent.  The cutting wheel snagged the rebar at the last millimeter of steel. At this point, the cutting disc stops spinning; inertia isn’t done with this shit show yet…

The grinder slammed my finger into another piece of rebar with such force I literally couldn’t tell what happened to my hand. I had no idea for a moment if I even had a finger anymore. It took over 30 minutes just to get back to work to wrap up the days work.

In the picture below. Notice the tear in the leather glove that’s under my finger, that’s not from a cutting wheel, that’s where my finger hit the rebar and tore the glove open with my finger from the impact.

Fortunately I’m typing this the same night this happened. Giving the fingers a bit of a stretch to make sure things are feeling well. They do!

safety first

After day two you can see the actual lines where the rebar smashed into my finger. I’m really surprised it’s not in more pain than I’m feeling. Att his point, I don’t think it’s going to get worse. Fingers cross,, OUCH!! (kiddin :p)

the finger day 2


Day three. Confident fingernails not gonna fall off. It’s never really hurt that bad. Interesting how few nerve endings must be on the back of our fingers.

Last time I’m going to flip you the bird. In this blog post ^.^



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