full time metal fabricator/artist

CNC proofs round One

These chickens crack me up. They represent six family members that are fourth & fifth generation Oregonians (yea, they’re that weird). To know these people is to really enjoy these fowl. These illustrations will be taken to a CNC laser cutter to have them cut out of a sheet of thick steel that’s over 10′ wide by 2′ tall.

After 30+ hours of design time and converting hand drawn pencil sketches into  hand drawn illustrations. I’ve given my client a full set of proofs. There’s allot of nuances to designing work for CNC. One day when I have more time to share in more detail I’ll share what makes it so neat intricate and demanding.



Without any further adieu,


Here’s Barry:Barry copy Then Berni,

Berni copy Followed by Bobby,

Bobbi copy Then along came BrentBrent copy That said hi to Brian,

Brian copy With Bridget holding it all down!Brijet copy


The whole damn bunch of em. This is the piece that’s going to be cut out as the large plate after a few more tweaks a & nudges. Coop family tree plate steel


So there you have it. These pieces will be getting cut out


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