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Burn barrel jig prototyp’n

I’ve written more about this type of process here.

I needed to fabricate some legs for the burn barrels I’ve been commissioned to make. So I engineered this jig to allow me to take two foot long pieces of rebar and shape them to look like the images below and have a final vertical height of one foot after bending. There may still be some tweaks but anything at this point is refining. This is a good process that works well for consistent hand fabrication.

These picture with description is followed by a video of one being made (jump ahead a minute if you want to see the actaul bending happen). This was done in my workspace in North Portland, the day I left my iPod at home..

Here’s the first shot of just the jig without any bends on the metal.

burn barrel legs-7

Here’s the next picture with the metal bent around the base of the jig.

burn barrel legs-2

Here’s a picture after two additional vertical hand bends which wraps up the foot.

burn barrel legs-8

Here’s a final shot of two side by side, showing the usefulness of spending the extra time to make a jig. I can now consistently make one of these legs in less than 2 minutes,

burn barrel legs-5



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