full time metal fabricator/artist

Custom fence work

I was commissioned to make 60′ of fencing for a patio. The main stipulation was there couldn’t be more than a 4″ space in any part of the fence. This was in order to keep the fence to code. After spending time with the client creating mock-ups & prototypes. We both agreed the materials used would be #3 & #4 rebar (3/8″ & 5/8″ respectively) along with 3/16″ flat bar steel. After spending a full day setting up the jigs to make sure the fence stayed in the 4″ tolerance requirement, assembly was started.



Since the spacing between the posts that the railing was going to be mounted to wasn’t consistent. Each rail had to be measured to fit each space perfectly. And a perfect fit they were. The picture below is them sitting free in between the posts. This is before they were cleaned up and shellacked to stop any of the work from rusting and destroying the new cedar posts that were just installed.



I was pleased with how the welds turned out. Welding on small round projects increases the difficulty of welding due to things such as welding torch angle & travel speed.



After all the fences underwent a torture test by throwing each section into the air and letting them land flat on the concrete to make sure the welds were intact. My whelper (welding helper) cleaned up all the carbon off the welds and made sure there were no sharp edges then put on the first coat of lacquer and let them sit overnight to dry.


After the third coat of lacquer…


Here’s a shot of me amidst the workday of making these. There will be more shots of this once they are installed and have the top caps Im going to fabricate for the fence posts as well. You can also see some of the other work I’m doing in the background.





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  1. thanks for following my blog Studio Chatter. Looks like you are having fun glueing with lightning, just like me!!! Keep up the good work.

    November 16, 2013 at 8:08 pm

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