full time metal fabricator/artist

Make it roll, again, again,,,

Pulled out an old table that wasn’t being used because the wheels were seized up. I mean REALLY seized up.

There are many times when your wheels are locked up they don’t need to be replaced. A quick soak with some WD-40, a few turns of the wheel and it will break free overnight, rinse, repeat.

I had some other wheels I acquired from another gig and prepped all the metal points that would be welded. The welds are slightly convex meaning i could have traveled slower or added more wire to the weld.  I wasn’t concerned about this because the wheels would be destroyed under the pressure before these welds broke. I do dozens of jobs like that that slip through the cracks and pictures don’t get taken of.

Too busy getting shit done I guess,,,

shop table

shop table-2


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