full time metal fabricator/artist


MIG Welding plate

metal plate welds-3metal plate welds-2

metal plate welds-1

Here’s an example of my Mig welding for the same mid term project as the pictures before.

I had to Mig weld two plates that I had cut down to specific sizes based on the blueprints provided.

When metal is welded, it gets very hot and wants to warp because the heat isn’t evenly distributed due to being focused on one side. This project needed to be square and within 1/8″ tolerance of blueprints. So I cut out a base plate which allowed a perfectly flat surface for me to place the plates to be welded together. After fitting everything up and triple checking the measurements. I clamped the work down at multiple points.

After the weld was complete, I left the work on the baseplate for over 30 minutes to allow the metal to cool to a temperature that wouldn’t allow warping and released the work from the baseplate. The results? I perfectly sound weld with no warping or loss of true.


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